Aerosol Filling Manufacturer

This market leading aerosol filling manufacturer, fill spray cans for some well-known brands used within our homes and across industry.

Why they got in touch with Central Flooring

Production areas are busy spaces – especially with lots of foot and wheeled traffic moving over them and their floor was starting to look tired. We’ve completed projects for them in the past, so they know we’ll do a good job.

About the project

This was another project we completed on time. We started on the Wednesday and finished on the Saturday, which gave the system a good 24-hours to cure. This meant, come Monday morning it was all systems go.


Refurbishing their production area


Roughly 775m² of Vebro EP Universal High Build Coating. This is ideal for high-traffic areas where a hard-wearing coating is needed, plus it’s resistant to chemicals. But that’s not all – it has resistance to slips, is solvent-free and low odour properties. We also installed designated bays and walkways in bright colours to make the area safer for their operatives.


To prep for installation, we carried out a diamond grind of the sub floor using power via a lorry mounted. To finish, it was a dry vacuum and disposal of waste.

Project Duration

4 days