Gregory Distribution

Gregory Distribution is a privately owned logistics business. Specialising in moving finished goods and raw materials, Gregory’s has been trucking the length and breadth of Britain for more than 100-years.

From start to finish, Central Flooring’s professionalism has been brilliant. They really listened to our project brief and then they delivered on it. We contracted them to paint demarcation lines, stencils, and barcode floor location labels and carry out some floor repairs.

They’re reliable, and the quality of their floor installations is very good, which is why we keep going back to them. If there are any issues, they’re quick to resolve them. They are reasonably priced, and Ben, their Operations Director is always on hand to answer any questions.

Central’s installation team is a credit to them. If they were unsure about anything, they asked – they didn’t chance it and we appreciated that. For example, during a weekend project, we wanted some numbering painting along the length of our warehouse floor, so they checked with us which way we wanted the numbering to appear – we were reassured by their communication and the fact that they wanted to get it 100% right.

What we’ve found with Central, is that they’re good at finding solutions. To give you another example, we needed some external painting doing, which Central don’t do – but they offered us an alternative company – we like the fact that they’re responsive.

Central Flooring are our go to contractor. We’ve got another project lined-up for them and we would definitely recommend them to others.

Gavin Grant,
Facilities & Quality Manager