Mace Group

Privately owned Mace Group is a consultancy and construction firm with a global reach. They’ve delivered some of the most iconic structures ever built – including the Shard and Battersea Power Station.

Central Flooring are a long-time member of our supply chain.

We’ve just finished another project with them. They stepped in after we’d been let down by another flooring contractor who hadn’t done a very good job for us. It was a high-performance engine room where the benches have to be perfectly set up, so the floor has to be flawless. We were almost at handover stage. So, we immediately went to Central Flooring because we were pretty sure they would help if they could. Sure enough, within 7-days they had sourced the materials and assembled the team. They are incredibly reliable – in fact, I’m standing on the resin floor they’ve just installed, and it looks like glass. It’s absolutely perfect. We should’ve approached Central in the first place.

Resin flooring is a good product, the Central team are super-efficient, and they’re flexible – they will always move jobs around to accommodate us. They’re straightforward to deal with too – they give us a price, come in and do the job, there’s no nonsense or delays. If something goes wrong they are the first to put their hands up – if something is, or isn’t in the spec, they never argue.

They’re just thoroughly good people to work with and a friendly lot who want to build relationships with main contractors. I worked with them in a previous role at Lend Lease – so I know what they can do.

On price, they’re competitive. Resin flooring isn’t cheap. In my view though, if you want cheap, you pay twice. What I also really like about Central is that they don’t promise what they can’t deliver – this is a big-big problem for us in the industry.

Central ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ – that’s the phrase I’d use.

Tim Andrews,
Senior Construction Manager