If you work in the food and drink industry, there’s lots to consider when choosing a flooring system.

You’ll need a floor that is hygienic, easy to clean and keep clean and have resistance to harsh products, chemicals, natural food acids, alkalis, sugars, oils and grease. It will also need resistance to varying hot and cold temperatures – as well as being non-taint and non-toxic.

Resistance to slips is also a big consideration in these busy and fast paced environments where there is little or no downtime. Hygiene is another factor – that’s why a seamless finish is best, as it’s easy to clean and will help to stop the growth of bacteria in the grout and joins. It will also need to be hard-wearing and durable to protect it against heavy-duty impact from machinery and forklifts.

In areas where flour and other fine powders are used you may want to consider Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) flooring. So there’s plenty to think about.

We also fit the floor to wall coving and drainage systems to complete these food safe installations.

Food Safe Flooring Solutions photos