Applied to walls, flooring and coving, Quartz Screed is a material that you would only want a skilled team to install.

That’s because it’s a hand trowelled screed that doesn’t self-level – so when applying it, you have to have exceptional attention to detail.

That’s why Pal International came to us with an urgent screeding project during COVID. Pal, a science-led company that provides hygiene and infection control products, asked us to create a 250m² clean room environment within a two-week timeframe for the production of Wipes, to support the NHS. Plus, they had a specific specification – the resin flooring system was to be decorative, hygienic, seamless and resistant to slips. It also had to be hard-wearing. Pal, work in a challenging and fast paced environment, so they can’t afford the downtime and disruption that would come with applying soft flooring that would most likely need replacing every 4 to 5 years. With this in mind, we recommended the Altro brand.

Resin floors are usually installed in functional and industrial workspaces, but that doesn’t mean these spaces can’t be colourful and decorative. Quartz Screed comes in all sorts of finishes – speckled and textured, and with decorative flakes and glitter. There’s a big variety of colours too, with finishes in high gloss, silk and matt. And if you’re looking for a shade that mirrors your corporate brand, we can deliver on that too.

Resin comes in liquid form and is poured which means it’s perfect for those awkward shaped-rooms and spaces, and for creating a seamless floor surface to create stunning visual effects.

Project planning and communication

The way we communicate with our clients is something they really value. We always keep them in the loop by explaining what we’re doing, when we’re doing it and how we’re doing it. And it was no different with Pal. Our Operations Director, Ben Clarke, had two strategic meetings with their team to discuss the project program in detail and to share our written project plan. This way, they knew exactly what schedule we were working to. At the end of each day, we gave them daily updates – confirming we were on track. Something else we do for all of our projects is record daily activities – it’s literally a log of everything we do and observe. Our team also went along to a Pal onsite induction meeting to make sure they were properly prepared for the project. Client site inductions is second nature to us – and we believe it makes a world of difference to our team and theirs.

Playing our part to protect the environment

As with most of our projects, we try to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing our labour locally. This is easy for us, because our contracts managers and installation teams are located all over the country.

We also remove any waste from site, bring it back to our own depot in Whetstone, identify the waste streams, segregate it, and then arrange for it to be taken away and recycled. We keep a waste audit trail, too.

Central Flooring is a Considerate Constructor, so we’re proud to be recognised for providing ‘Performance Beyond Compliance’. We outperform the Scheme’s ‘Company Code of Considerate Practice’ in five sections, including Protect the Environment. The others are, Care about appearance, Respect the community, Secure everyone’s safety and Value the workforce.

If you would like to try us out on your next resin flooring project, please talk to us.