BMW and MINI are some of the motoring industry’s biggest and most prestigious manufacturers.

The Swindon site is part of BMW Group’s international production network for both BMW and MINI models.

Why they got in touch with Central Flooring

We’ve been working with BMW for more than 12-months on resin flooring projects. This time, they had a demarcation job for us which was 3000 linear metres of line marking – with crossing and hatching walkways.

About the project

Our planning for this project was meticulous – we carried out our work during our clients normal busy production and wanted to make absolutely sure that we didn’t interrupt their flow.

On top of what we had planned, we were asked to carry out lots of additional work, which we still completed on time – no problem.

The team at BMW gave Central Flooring a ‘big thank you’ for delivering what we promised – a flooring finish that met with their expectations – and, for following to a T, their site health and safety regulations.


Demarcation in four of their buildings for BMW and MINI.


KDR line paint.


Siddons Floor undertook the dust-free shot blasting to properly prepare the floor for the Central team to paint the line markings.

Project Duration